So I’m pretty much regressing back into my “the world is a scary place, everyone hates me but that’s okay because I hate them too, the darkness is nice because no one can find me in this cave,” stage.

Which isn’t good. 

Forcing me into correcting this makes it worse, as does giving me hell for it. Seriously, each time I get shit for staying in my room all the time, it only makes me want to stay in it even more. 

I’ve grown bitter, I’ve started hating again. I’m growing violent and I want to die. I’m just over-all unhappy and I feel like I’m turning into a monster. I need a really good experience to counteract this, so I really can’t wait for AnimeNext. I’m sure seeing ‘Nessa and Jer, as well as having fun and being silly while dressed as characters, meeting new people that may actually enjoy my company, and so on will really cheer me up.

God, I sure hope so…